"Belief is only as strong as the believer, only as defined by those who seek it for themselves. Here vision is formed, tempered by truth and felt by that critical element of exposure that moves us just below the surface of things. Our truth is mirrored in this, in what we see and in how it reflects our realities.

Michael Amici’s imagery defines and refines this premise. It hovers beyond denial, beyond the length of excuses that both separate and divide us from each other. From here his compassion radiates and encompasses the essential element of communion, that reaches beyond sight, and into the knowing of existence. He draws a fine line between misery and respect from a common presence that is both transient and everlasting. Here he finds darkness in light and brilliance in a world often shaded by intolerance. Here he measures the distance we keep from ourselves and allows us entrance into what it takes to persevere."

- Don Gregorio Anton

Photo by: LG